Lectures by Chapter

(Comparative Politics slides are here.)

Organized in the order of the chapters in American Government (OpenStax), fall 2022 syllabus.

Using the Slides

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Narration starts on the second slide. Useful shortcuts:


Steal These Slides

(The following notes are for other professors or teachers who want to use these slides in their courses.)

These slides are not really tied to a particular textbook; instead, there are bits and pieces from various texts based on my experience teaching American government since 2000. Changing the order to fit your preferred presentation order shouldn't be a problem; the only real assumptions are that the Constitution and Federalism are towards the beginning of the semester and that Public Policy is at the end (I've never seen a book that isn't structured that way, so it's probably not a real problem in practice).

As mentioned at the end of each set of slides, these slides are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License. Anyone may freely use, redistribute, and modify the slides per that license.

A copy of the sources for these slides is now hosted by Github.

My guess is you'll want to re-record the audio yourself. I recommend a high-quality USB microphone like the Blue Yeti, Blue Nessie, or Samson Go Mic. I recorded the audio using a Yeti and a Go Mic with Audacity, although other multitrack recording software should work equally well.